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Thriving in Uncertainty

Sep 11, 2019

What is holding today’s organizations back from reaching their full potential? What blocks individuals and employees who know they can achieve more from actually doing it? What is the next movement to enhance human performance? In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton helps us answer these questions and so much more. She’ll help us understand the importance of curiosity and the four factors that prevent it and actually hold us back. We’ll cover her ground-breaking research, and what you can do to begin the journey to unleash your full potential.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Diane Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Tonerra, a nationally syndicated radio host, keynote speaker, and the former MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business. She is the author of multiple books including Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index® assessment. Her ground-breaking work in the area of curiosity is required reading in universities around the world and has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in leadership.