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Thriving in Uncertainty

Sep 11, 2019

What does it take to lead in the age of uncertainty? What skills are most important? What leadership traits most effective? And how do the most successful among us allocate their time and resources? Join us for this week’s episode of Thriving In Uncertainty – where guest Jim Bouchard will walk us through his leadership movement – his strategies and ideas for what today’s marketplace is craving from its leaders, and exactly what you need to do to rise to the occasion. This is a content-packed show, based on several books Jim has written, including his latest – 5 Rings – The Five Essential Tactics For Today’s Leaders.

About Our Guest:

Jim Bouchard is an internationally recognized speaker, Leadership Activist, and founder of The SENSEI LEADER Movement ™. He provides interactive keynotes and leadership programs for corporate and conference audiences around the world. Jim is a seasoned media guest, and appears regularly on TV and radio, including such programs as BBC Worldview and FOX News. He hosts Walking The Walk, a leadership podcast highlighting compassionate, engaged leaders from all areas of business, diverse cultures and experiences.

He is a 2004 inductee to the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame and was twice featured in "Inside Kung Fu"magazine.

​Jim is a volunteer mentor for incarcerated youth, an obsessive golfer and surf guitar player. In 2016 Jim was nominated to run for Congress.