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Sales Logic - Selling Strategies That Work

Jun 28, 2022

How, why, and the value of getting prepared for a sales call.

Question: Martin from Munich asks, "So I feel the sales process flowing and becoming more complex both here in Germany and with our global clients - as the world economy is showing signs of slowing down....

Jun 22, 2022

Lightning Round: Top 10 things you need to do NOW to prepare for the market changing.

Question: Katarina from Athens Greece: "We have barely recovered from COVID and now rising prices, supply chain issues continuing, and rising interest rates. How do I prepare for the shifts coming in the marketplace? How do I make sure...

Jun 14, 2022

Lightning Round: Top 10 Strategies to Dominate Your Market
Question: Sharona from Dublin asks, "For years we have had the dominant market share in our region. But with new competitors entering the marketplace. globalization, and the shift to customer's controlling the buying cycle, we have been steadily slipping for...

Jun 7, 2022

Yea or nay? Should salespeople provide consulting ahead of the sale?

Lightning Round:  10 Ways to Increase Your Value with the Customer Before the Sale

Question:   Dianna from St. Louis asks, “I have two big customers I’m trying to close, but both of them keep asking me for more information. I feel like they’re...