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Sales Logic - Selling Strategies That Work

Dec 27, 2022

Lightning Round: Top 10 Ways You Know Your Sales Strategy Is Effective

Question: Igor from London asks,  "I am the new sales manager - well I have been here six months -for a fintech start-up in London. Looking at our aggressive sales goals for 2023. The challenging marketplace and changing landscape - what about our...

Dec 20, 2022

Lightning Round: Top 10 Changes You Need to Be Ready For in 2023

Question: Allison from Wisconsin asks, "I love this show listen in every week--live or download later. Just curious--what do you see for 2023? What technology is hot, what do we need to invest in, stay away from and how do we get our team best prepared for...

Dec 13, 2022

Lightning Round: Top 10 Sales Strategies You Need to Execute in December

Question Mareena from Costa Rica asks, "I love your show--listen every week! My sales team is starting to slow down--holiday parties, vacations, family commitments - I want them to finish the year strong. What is your best advice?”

Book: Atomic...

Dec 6, 2022

Experiencing Struggles with Time Management?

Lightning Round:  Top 10 Time Management Strategies

Question: Peter from Toronto asks, “I lead a sales team of 4 and also have customers I’m responsible for. I feel I lose way too much time bouncing between issues ranging from demands the CEO makes of me, trying to manage...