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Sales Logic - Selling Strategies That Work

Sep 17, 2020

COVID has changed a lot, and for many sales professionals, it's paralyzed customers. How do you get your customers off the sidelines and in the game? We'll tell you how in this episode of Sales Logic.

Sep 10, 2020

What exactly is the difference between in-person selling and virtual selling? What makes someone successful at selling virtually? Mark and Meridith answer those questions and more in this episode of the Sales Logic Podcast.


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Sep 6, 2020

The marketplace is very noisy with COVID news and rumors. This is on top of the regular competition you face. How do you get noticed? Mark Hunter and Meridith Elliott Powell answer that question and more in this edition of the Sales Logic Podcast.
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Aug 27, 2020

Many sales professionals are working to move their sales strategies from in-person to fully online. The question for this podcast episode is how to make online sales strategies work. Join Mark Hunter and Meridith Elliott Powell as they dive into this topic, as well as a few other important sales tips.

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Aug 20, 2020

In this episode, Mark Hunter and Meridith Elliott Powell explore topics like social media, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and social selling. Is social media in sales a fad or is it here to stay? Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it? 


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