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Sales Logic - Selling Strategies That Work

Dec 28, 2021

Title: What does 2022 hold in terms of sales and business growth?

Question: Ron from Tucson - Excited about 2022, and what our sales team can accomplish. The past two years, government regulation was in our favor. However, first quarter of this year, that regulation will go away. How do I get my team to stay...

Dec 20, 2021

What does it mean to be sales ready for 2022, and what strategies do we need to have in place?

Question: "For some reason, in my industry, customers are hesitant to give out the current vendors. When I ask them they refuse to say, what should I do?"

Reading: Sales Experts Tips by Ollie Whitfield

Lightning Round: 10...

Dec 9, 2021

The Right Gift Giving Strategy For Clients

Dec 4, 2021

How to Get Prospects To Respond

Question from Eduardo Spokane Washington: Our team has done so much work on identifying our ideal customer profile. We have great prospects lists, and we are sure that our product is the right solution for them. The challenge is we make the contact, but more often than not prospects just...