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Apr 30, 2024

Lightning Round: Top 10 Sales Trends for 2024

Question: from London: “Hey, I’m in tech. The problem is, I’ve got stuff in my pipeline that’s just not moving through. What’s happening? I’ve never encountered this problem before, but I’m living it day by day now.”


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Apr 23, 2024

Lightning Round: Top 10 Ways to Learn from First Quarter Results

Question: Katarina from Athens, Greece asks, "My team is GREAT at top of funnel. We have a clear process, a well-defined target market, and a great ability to get through the door—but we struggle to get the deal to close. I am wondering if we are chasing...

Apr 16, 2024

Lightning Round: Top 10 Strategies for Creating a Sales Mindset


Question: Natasha in Toronto asks, "Is sales call prep still important? If we're supposed to listen to customers, be aware of what they say and need, how critical is sales call prep?"


Book: A Mind for Sales by Mark Hunter


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Apr 9, 2024

Lightning Round: Top 10 Inbound Sales Strategies


Question: Phillipe from Paris, France asks, “My sales team is amazing at getting out and hitting the streets—literally—to find the deals, make the connections. But I am wondering, when I go to my peer groups, they are all talking about generating inbound leads for...

Apr 2, 2024

Lightning Round - Top 10 Ways to Get Across the Finish Line 


Question: Roger from Boise, Idaho says, “ I am in the insurance industry. I run a top-producing team for a large carrier, and I do not have to tell you—we are dealing with some level of uncertainty in this industry. My team is doing well —very...