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Sales Logic - Selling Strategies That Work

Dec 26, 2023

Lightning Round: Top 10 Reasons You Will Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2024


Question: Bill from Phoenix AZ asks, “Just curious—I listen every week and you guys are so spot on with so much of your advice. I have a meeting with my sales team on the 19th - last meeting of the year. What should I focus on? How can I best...

Dec 19, 2023

Lightning Round: Top 10 Strategies for Building a Prospect List


Question:  Paul from Frankfurt Germany asks, “We have huge growth goals for next year, and my team does an amazing job of taking care of our existing customers, and deepening those relationships. But if we are going to hit our goals we need to prospect....

Dec 12, 2023

Lightning Round: Top Strategies to Tapping Into Your Network


Question: John Register asks, “What are the best strategies for building your network?”


Book: Never Eat Alone by...

Dec 5, 2023

Lightning Round: Top 10 Ways to Position Yourself for Success in a Tough Economy


Question: Hugh Hornsby from Virginia asks, “While I understand what you are saying in terms of an economic downturn, my fear is that what you focus on is what you get. Would love your thoughts.”


Book: Think and Grow Rich by...